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Export and Import of goods

GUG assists companies interested in export of product from Georgia or in import goods on Georgian market

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GUG assists Georgian export oriented companies to find appropriate markets for their goods and business partners

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invest in real estate in Georgia

GUG works with number of real estate companies and property developers in order to assist individuals or companies

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GUG assists foreign companies interested in investment in Georgian real estate sector with appropriate long-range projects

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Our tourist company provides its clients with high-quality services at competitive prices

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Incoming Tours to Georgia

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Spreading innovations in ICT sector

Introduction of innovative ICT technologies on Georgian market and promotion of investments in ICT sector

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Promotes communications and partnership of domestic companies with world leading IT companies

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Global Uni Group

Global  Uni Group (GUG) is a Group of the Companies specialized in a business advisory, investment and project Management, trade promotion, accounting and auditing, Legal advise, Tourism and logistics, event management and art promotion.

GUG  provides support services to small and medium companies in such areas as business partner searches, project management, marketing, sales support and business planning. Our focus is onrnassisting foreign companies to enter the Georgia market, or helping Georgiarncompanies finding opportunities abroad. With the aim to fulfill its goals GUGrnwork with a number of business partners in USA, Europe, Israel and Jordan.

GUG was established in 2009 and today the company is well known in Georgia and abroad. Our approaches to the business are - responsibility to results and professional service. Companies staff represented with highly experienced professionals, during past years our employees have been working in governmental and non-governmental sectors and were actively involved in the drafting of governmental policies in the field of trade, tourism and IT, which are the main trends of  GUG's activities.

Main activities are:

Our team

Lasha Zhvania

Mr. Lasha Zhvania - GUG Founder

Working Experience: 1993-currently

  • Different Diplomatic positions at the MFA of Georgia;
  • Consul-Counselor - Embassy of Georgia in Israel; 
  • Deputy Minister of Finance;
  • Member of Anti-Corruption Council;
  • Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs;
  • Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to Israel;
  • Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to Cyprus;
  • Member of Parliament;
  • Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament;
  • Minister for Economic Development;
  • General Manager - International Foundation of Patriarch of All Georgia.
  • Founder and Partner at UniTours LLC; GlobalArt Company; Global Mediation LLC;
David Aleksidze

Mr. David Aleksidze - CEO

Working Experience: 2001-2009

  • Different positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia;
  • Head of Economic Section Embassy of Georgia to Ukraine;
  • Consul (economic issues) Consulate General of Georgia in Odessa, Ukraine;
  • Head of Department of Foreign Trade and International Economic Relations, Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia


New Project


Construction of a new housing district between Mukhiani and Gldani settlements in Tbilisi is expected to start next spring. The project investor is a foreign company,  its Georgian partner is Global Uni Group company owned by the former Economy Minister Lasha Zhvania.

As Zhvania told Commersant, the company had already received a construction permit from Tbilisi City Hall. The general development plan presented by the company has also been approved, which envisaged the comments of the group working on the Tbilisi General Plan.

Lasha Zhvania expects that the remaining procedures will take 6-8 months and then preparatory works will  start. The tender will also be announced to reveal the construction companies to implement the project.

Two  schools, two  kindergartens, sports and residential complexes, hotel, as well as general public places, entertainment  and shopping centers will be built within the project. In  Zhvania’s words, $ 230 million will be invested for this purpose. As a result, Tbilisi will have an ecologically clean district with full modern infrastructure.

As for the deadline of the project, it will become known within a few months.

According to the project, the district will be located on the area of  60 hectares between Mukhiani and Gldani settlements. According to Lasha Zhvania, the foreign company has carried out projects  in the United States, Great Britain, Israel.

Visit of Dutch Health to Georgia


 On February 21-23 2010, delegations of Israeli group of investors and “Dutch Health” company visited Georgia, with interest to explore Health care system projects, clinics, hospitals, insurance companies and Diagnostic centers. Parties met with government officials and agreed on partnership with Global Uni Group on cooperation in the sphere of Health care system in Georgia. Companies will cooperate in order to develop turnkey projects in Georgia.


Visit of Sukhtian - Households & Toiletries Manufacturing Company representative


On 18 – 25 January 2010 representative of SUKHTIAN - HOUSEHOLDS & TOILETRIES MANUFACTURING COMPANY (HTM) Mr. Aisser Halloush carried out visit to Georgia with the aim to discuss issues of partnership with GUG in field of import on Georgian market pharmaceutical and toiletry products. During the meeting with GUG's leadership in addition to issue of import of HTM products, sides also discussed possibilities of export of Georgian pharmaceuticals to Jordan. During the visit  Mr. Hallosh also met heads of several pharmaceutical, insurance and distributor companies. 

GUG received exclusive rights to represent UnoMobi in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan


As a result of Vienna meeting UnoMobi authorized Global Uni Group with rights to exclusively represent products of UnoMobiin Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. 

UnoMobi is global provider of turnkey mobile messaging solution that instantly enables mobile operators to offer the most powerful  consumer mobile messaging solution in the industry. The Unomobi solution can be easily integrated into any mobile network environment enabaling mobile operators to provide valuable  and easy to use mobile push messaging services to all subscribers. The solution includes up to 5 aggregared POP/WAP/Webmail email accounts; email delivery to any SMS/Text capable phone; subscription or advertising business model deployment options; attachment support (Office and PDF documents, images, audio and video); and most importantly – no device client requirement. The UnoMobi solution has a dual purpose (1) to provide the mobile consumer with a simple to use, feature, rich, push email serviced that can be offered for free, and (2) to provide mobile operators with a valuable revenue generating mobile service that can be offered to subscribers. 


Our partner companies


Getsadze & Pateishvili

Limited Partnership Getsadze & Pateishvili is an independent Georgian law firm located inTbilisi. Law Office Getsadze & Pateishvili is a legal successor of the Law Firm LTD Partner. LTD Partner was established by a mergence of two leading Georgian law firms in 2004 and than due to the specific changes in Georgian Legislation it changed to Limited Partnership Getsadze & Pateishvili.


Doheny Global Group

Doheny Global Group ("Doheny"), based out of Los Angeles and New York, has extensive experience with structuring financial transactions, accessing capital markets, and delivering high quality investment opportunities to investors.


Unomobi inc.

Unomobi Inc. develops and markets innovative "ad supported" mobile communication and location based solutions for both Carriers and Consumers. The Company has offices in California as well as Toronto, Canada.


Global Capital Associates

Global Capital Associates is dedicated to global business development through building valuable partnerships throughout the world. By hosting hi-profile events, inviting targeted, compatible companies by sector, and political leaders in the US, Israel, Europe and the former Soviet Union, GCA initiates international partnerships, creates strategic alliances and bolsters investment.


IC Group

IC Group was founded on November 10, 2005. Since then the company has successfully been operating on the insurance market. Despite the short history of existence the company has deservedly established its place among other leading insurance companies presented in Georgia.


One of the main activities of GUG is trade in goods and assistance of  companies interested in export of product from Georgia or in import goods on Georgian market:

Export Promotion:

  • GUG assists Georgian export oriented companies  to find appropriate markets for their goods and to find business partners abroad (Getting started, Market research, Export financing, Accessing market);
  • GUG assists foreign companies to start or to find appropriate business partners in Georgia with the aim to establish export oriented production;

Import of Goods

  • GUG provides for foreign partners interested in import of goods on Georgian and CIS states markets, with all needed assistance to suitably represent their products. GUG have a strong partnership with leading distribution companies and RSPs in region.

Trade in Pharmaceutics and toiletry

Pharmaceutics and toiletry is one of the main directions of GUG activities in field of trade. Company works with a number of foreign and domestic pharmaceutics and toiletry producers in order to represent their interests in Georgia and abroad. 

Useful information on Trade


Trade preferences

MFN Tariffs with WTO Members: Most of Georgia’s trade partners are members of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Trade relations with them are based on Most Favored Nation (MFN) trade status, which provides lower tariffs for WTO members.

Georgia is a beneficiary country of Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) of European Union (GSP+ ),  Japan,  USA, Canada,  Switzerland and Norway. Accordingly, lower tariffs are applied on goods exported from Georgia to those countries.

Georgia has a free trade regime with CIS countries resulting in duty free trade of goods and services. 

Free Trade with Turkey: In November 2007, Georgia and Turkey signed a Free Trade Agreement. It is expected that agreement will continue to facilitate increasing trade between the two countries, particularly in the agricultural sector.


Law on Trade and Competition

Export procedures

Useful information on Pharmaceutics and Toiletry


Real Estate:

As part of our marketing and sales support activities, GUG works with number of real estate companies and property developers in order to assist individuals or companies that wish to purchase or invest in real estate in Georgia. In this field GUG provides the following services

  • GUG assists foreign companies interested  in investment in Georgian real estate sector with appropriate long-range projects, promotes them with all needed works and consultations with project owners;
  • In case projects of state owned property, GUG assists investors in consultations with governmental and other institutions;
  • Assists domestic companies in preparing appropriate investment proposals, represents them to potential investors and helps them in the process of negotiations with investors.

Useful information on real estate

Market overview


Law of Georgia "On Promotion and Guarantees of Investment" Law of Georgia on "State Promotion of Investments"

Investment proposals:

Projects in Tbilisi Hotel Chain Rcheuli
Projects in Adjara


The direction of tourism is led by GUG’s sister company “Uni Tours”.

There are endless things to explore and enjoy in Georgia all around the year, such as extraordinary historical landmarks, beautiful churches and monasteries, world-famous wine, delicious and unique cuisine, hospitable and warm people, winter resorts offering various outdoor activities, Black Sea Coast resorts and numerous entertainment options. 

We offer a wide selection of tours –whether you are looking for Special Interest Tours, or just an extended Family Tour, whether for groups or individual tourists, we can help you in planning the perfect tour in the majority regions of Georgia at the highly competitive prices.

We offer you:

  • Group, individual and VIP tours in Georgia;
  • Accommodation in hotels;
  • Organization of charter and private flights;
  • Any type of transportation service in Georgia;
  • Pilgrimage tours; 
  • Services of professional guides and tourist instructors (in case of special tours);
  • Event management (Business meetings, conferences, seminars);
  • Special tours (wine and culinary tours, jeep and motorcycle tours, ski tours, archaeological tours, hunting and fishing, hiking, tours to the mountain areas of the country, medical tours (mineral water, mud baths, and so on);
  • *Tours to Holy Land and Jordan for Georgian tourists.

Plan your next vacation in Georgia with .

We care about your top quality travel experience! 

Economic Outlook of Georgia 

Ongoing offers: 

New Year in Georgia

Winter in Georgia/ Bakuriani 

Winter in Georgia/ Gudauri

Winter in Georgia (Rus)

Tour to Georgia 

Tour to Holly Land

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IT Technologies:

ICT is one of the most rapidly growing sector of Georgian economy with a huge potential of farther development. In the field of IT GUG provides its partners with following services:  

  • Introduction of innovative ICT technologies on Georgian market;
  • Promotion of investments in ICT sector;
  • Getting in touch with leading domestic companies in field of ICT and ensuring cooperation with them;
  • Assists involvement of partner companies in governmental programs aimed on spreading of innovative technologies in Georgia;
  • Promotes communications and partnership of domestic companies with world leading  IT companies

Our Proposals


Useful information on ICT

Market overview

Law on electronic comunications (geo)

Law on mauwyebloba (geo)


Trade in Pharmaceutics and toiletry

Pharmaceutics and toiletry is one of the main directions of GUG activities in field of trade. Company works with a number of foreign and domestic pharmaceutics and toiletry producers in order to represent their interests in Georgia and abroad.

Import of Pharmaceuticals


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